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Terms of Use

Individuals from all walks of life, restaurateurs, chefs, gourmets and restaurant attendants are qualified enough to be members of Gourmet Club and are permitted to upload any gourmet food items and associated materials in accordance with the  terms and conditions and uploading guidelines.

Ownership of Uploaded Materials and Exclusivity

All the uploaded materials are the properties of the original uploaders, insofar as the uploaded materials are not in violation of any copyright owned by a third party. You may feel free to upload any gourmet food items and other associated materials ('Uploaded Materials') to this website('Site'), insofar as uploaders are willing to  meet  terms and conditions specified herein. (See Uploading Guideline)

Once the 'Uploaded Materials' are posted on the 'Site',  the uploaders cannot  post the same materials to other websites, cannot use the same materials for commercial activities via other media, and cannot upload the materials previously used elsewhere by themselves or the materials copyrighted by  third parties. Our 'content police' will patrol to see if there are any items in violations of the above-mentioned, will not only delete the items from the 'Site', but also will ostracize the violating uploaders. If you do not agree, you may feel free to not use the 'Site'.

Once uploaded, the 'Uploaded Materials' are exclusively controlled by Olios FoodTech Inc. dba Gourmet Club and  are used exclusively  for  publicity purposes to "Site" visitors, and will not be used or sold or for rent for any  commercial purposes except for news releases, and unless otherwise permitted by owners and/or uploaders of the materials.

Quality of  Uploaded Materials

The 'Uploaded Materials' shoud be free from any commercial purposes, providing a pure pleasure to the eye of gourmets worldwide. There should be no mention of competition-consicous phrases.

Intellectual Property Rights

Should there be any dispute arising  over any 'Uploaded Materials' between two parties, Gourmet Club is neither in a legal position to determine the ownership nor  able to arbitrate or  mediate the dispute. If that is the case, Gourmet Club will delete the items immediately without prior notice.

Profanity, Animal  Abuse and Pornography

Should any 'Uploaded Materials' have implicit or explicit connotations of  Profanity, Animal Abuse and Pornography, the 'Uploaded Materials' will be deleted without notice and the uploaders will be banned from the 'Site'.

Political and Religious Motives Behind

Any uploaded materials should not contain any political or religious elements. If found so, the uploaded materials will be deleted without notice.

No bias in ethnicity, nationality, and cultures

Gourmet Club has no biased  view on ethnicity, nationaltiy and cultures. If any uploaded materials contain any bias in this regard, they will be deleted without notice.

last update: January 2008