Gourmet Club

       In hot pursuit of pure palatal bliss™

About Gourmet Club 

Gourmet Club was started as a web-based gourmet food shopping place by Zodiac International in 1995. At that time, the Club was focused on the concept of  worldwide distribution of gourmet food items, including the Caspian caviars and European truffles, to name a few, and on recruiting mystery shoppers as taste police. After two years of eCommerce in the above line, the website was voluntarily closed  in search of what should really be worth doing  and has since stayed dormant until 2004, when it was taken over by Olios FoodTech Inc.

Olios FoodTech was founded in 2004 as a Nevada corporation, and took the opportunity to cultivate a new club culture aimed at expanding global networks of gourmet fraternity in a shift away from what had previously been sought after via  online shopping. As restaurant reviews are gradually  losing their enlightening insights to calorie-counting, snobbery and commercialism, diners in general  are realizing that they are inadvertently getting more dependent on the number of  stars given or brand-name value created by  illustrious food critics or by major  rating organziations. There are a bunch of non sequiturs  to prove that extrapolating public taste from a select group's tasting is not always right. 

Human beings tend to be attached to their staple foods that are mostly eaten during their childhood. And this is why there could be ethnic barriers in appeciating flavors, tastes and  textures of any food item. However, the world is shrinking now, and borderlines in foods are getting blurred.